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2017 TV/Film Reel
The Doo Dah Man, Friday Night Lights (NBC), Deliverance Creek (Lifetime), Sin City, Deep in the Heart

Powerful Female Characters
Revolution(NBC), Deliverance Creek (Lifetime), Babylon, This is Where We Live
smart, capable, powerful, fbi, military, leaders

A loving mother's son surprises her with an announcement.
loving mother, Long Island, 70s
A woman's alcoholic ex-husband arrives at her work. With Jon Gries.
small town, Texas, 1970's, kind, inner strength, faith
Nurse gives convicted felon a piece of her mind.
nurse, angry, scorn, righteous indignation
80's booster mom gives the new football coach advice. With Billy Bob Thornton.
Texas, small town, flirtatious, NSFW (language)
Mother goes into labor on the way to the hospital. With Sam Shepard.
loving, childbirth, mother
Gossiping party guest has the tables turned on her.
comedic, weathly, rich, shrew, beautiful, superiority, condescending
Clueless woman flirts with a special needs man.
comedic, sweet, happy
FBI Commander announces the release of a biological weapon.
authority, intelligent, confident, observing, skillful, fbi, military
JOANNE STREET - Mother of star quarterback struggles to keep her family together when her son sustains a paralyzing football injury.
mother, grounded, dramatic, small town, Texas, faith, attractive, loving
SERIES REGULAR: CORDELIA - An imposing and powerful bank owner inflicts retribution.
Civil War, period drama, powerful, smart, cunning, wealthy, entitled, educated, rancor
The newly appointed General of Texas prepares for battle.
strong, badass, no nonsense, authority, military, leader
ABC Family
Working class mother fights to avenge her son's murder.
working class, hard-edged, mourning, smart
episode 1.15 - Suspicious as teenagers ask about her son
episode 1.16 - Police station after son's murder
episode 1.19 - Confronting police about son's murder case.
Concerned wife checks on institutionalized husband.
concerned, grounded, mourning, beleaguered, vulnerable